Kangarutha Track – October, 2019

We had walked this track with the kids from Bournda campground many year ago and wanted to reacquaint ourselves with its wild coastal scenery. Somehow it felt a lot longer this time! Lots of ups and downs as we crossed the rocky headlands and descended through tea tree scrub to the coves and bays nestled between them. We encountered a huge goanna and an echidna, but were rather sobered by the dryness of the bush, desperately in need of some good soaking rain. It took us over four hours and we were rather glad to reach our destination, in Tathra.

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Kangarutha Track in Bournda National Park. It says it's 9km, but feels like more! "Pirate cove" just near the start of the walk. Headland views. This huge goanna appeared on the track in front of us and scooted up a tree. Neither of us wanted to get close enough to show how big he was! Lots of little coves and bays. Interesting coloured rock too. Guess who took a couple of pebbles home? Echidna playing hide and seek. Waves crashing on rocky ledges. Inaccessible sea cave. Another steep climb to this view. Ancient rock. View down to a boulder-covered beach. No easy access to this one. Lunch among the fallen tea-trees. This one looked like a dead horse. More up and down - apparently you climb around 450 vertical metres on this walk, lots of up and down. Rocky shelf high above the sea. Another cove, must be low tide. Many-coloured boulders and rocks. Are we there yet? One more rocky beach, then this climb and a couple more kms to our destination.

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