Namadgi wildflowers – November, 2014

A beautiful day for a walk, so we headed up through Namadgi National Park, past Mt Coree, Bulls Head, Mt Franklin and to the top of Mt Ginini. Happily, much of the devastation of the January 2003 fires to that whole area is no longer evident, and the understorey and many of the eucalypts have grown back and were looking green and lush. We walked around the top of Mt Ginini, admiring the views and the clusters of wildflowers (having typically forgotten to take our wildflower book to identify them with!) Then we walked along the track to Pryor’s Hut for lunch. The bush wasn’t a blaze of colour, but there were many interesting and varied flower types, as the close-ups will show.

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Brachyscome Variable groundsel, Senecio pinnatifolius Branched everlasting, helichrysum adenophorum Tall rice flower, Pimelea ligustrina Derwentia perfoliata ?? Dianella tasmanica ??? pretty bush Creamy stackhousia, stackhousia monogyna. New eucalyptus growth Oxylobium ellipticum ? interesting leaves Mountain trigger plant, stylidium sp. Mountain clematis, clematis aristata Top of Mt Ginini Top of Mt Ginini 2 Top of Mt Ginini looking northwestish Top of Mt Ginini 4 Pete and some brightly coloured groundcovers Top of Mt Ginini 6 Greenery around Pryor's Hut Roadside vegetation on the way back from Pryor's hut.

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