Bournda – December 2012

A quick two-day escape to Bournda, where we hadn’t camped for years, with Ange and Rohan. Some things have changed – more camping sites, louder bellbirds and the beach seems to have been reshaped and eroded. But it still rains there, and the lagoon and island are much as we remember them. Ah, memory lane!

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Bell miner (bellbird) - their chimes surrounded us - beautiful! The lagoon - still a lovely spot to swim. Little beach bird  pretending to be wounded and draw us away from its eggs on the sand. Strolling along the lagoon. Only a small channel from the lagoon to the sea. Churned-up seascape near the island. View north from the headland near the island. Ramparts of sand holding back the waves (not). An afternoon of Boggle, Scrabble and reading in the shelter. Some kids gambolling in the rain while we stayed dry. Wet, wet, wet! Beautiful flowering bushland near the new smaller shelter. The rain stopped! We found some dryish wood and made a fire! We had a barbie and ate outside! Woohoo! The one ray of sunshine all day (at sunset). Possums helpfully removing all traces of food from the barbecue plate. A female satin bower bird at the fire the next morning. View north from the beach access. Where has the beach gone? Alien creature washed up on the sand - freaky! Calm bay at the northern end of the beach.

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3 responses to “Bournda – December 2012”

  1. Meg says:

    Beautiful piccies! Very atmospheric skies – almost makes the rain worth it. Maybe.

  2. Kathy says:

    Hmmm, not sure we would have agreed at the time, but at least it stopped so we could have our barbie!

  3. Sue Hewett says:

    Great photos, wonderful memories of so many camping trips together with lots of little kids. Love the shelter in the rain!