Mt Tennent – October 2010

It’s been a very wet spring and we thought that  the usually dry or only just trickling creek on Mt Tennent would be flowing for once, so we went to check it out. It was babbling and gushing away, and the surrounding bush was lush and blooming. A lovely spot for lunch – the sun even shone on us! And the view over the countryside below was also delightfully green. A pity Pete and Rohan weren’t there too, and that we didn’t have time to do the full walk to the summit, but it was enough to refresh the spirit!

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Setting off up the path. 31/10/2010 A creek! With flowing water! 31/10/2010 And another flowing creek - have only ever seen a trickle here. 31/10/2010 A lovely spot to have lunch. 31/10/2010 The view to the green hills and farmlands below. 31/10/2010 Still lots of flowering shrubs. 31/10/2010 And an exquisite little orchid. 31/10/2010 Some people just always have to climb to the top of any rock they see! 31/10/2010 Looks almost as green as New Zealand! 31/10/2010 Flowering shrub. 31/10/2010 The upper cascade near the bridge. 31/10/2010 And back through lush long grass. 31/10/2010

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One response to “Mt Tennent – October 2010”

  1. Ange says:

    Awesome piccies Mum! Can’t believe how green it was!
    Thanks for dragging me up there – we’ll have to go back in a little while to compare and see what’s still green and lush as it gets hotter!