October 2010 – Mt. Taylor erupts..

…in bloom. Yes,we have had one of the wettest Octobers for ages and the countryside is green and lush. Mt Taylor has transformed from its usual seared dry look to a verdant grassy woodland and the native plants have been flowering as never before. There’s even been water flowing in the creeks and gullies, mossy marshy areas and the happy sound of frogs! So, here are some photos of the blaze of colour that greeted walkers this spring.

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Indigofera and Hardenbergia- lovely! 8/10/2010 Hardenbergia looking lusher than we've ever seen it. 8/10/2010 View south to Mt. Tennent. 8/10/2010 Fresh gum tips against the sunshine. 8/10/2010 Another good fall of rain and you can hardly get across! 16/10/2020 Creeks flowing from the mountain - a rare sight. 16/10/2010 Indigofera again. 16/10/2010 View across to the Bullen and Tidbinbilla Ranges. 16/10/2010 Pretty purple grassy flower. 27/10/2010 This one is popularly known as "egg and bacon". 27/10/2010 Hibbertia flowering like mad. 27/10/2010 Hibbertia up close. 27/10/2010 A gully filled with foliage. 27/10/2010 View over a grassy knoll to the south towards Booroomba Rocks, etc. 27/10/2010 Not sure what the yellow spiky flowers are called. Will get back to you.  27/10/2010 Little egg and bacon by the track. 27/10/2010 Shaft of sunlight through the clouds. 27/10/2010

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