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On various weekends we have walked up Mt Taylor (several times), Mt Rob Roy in the Tuggeranong Valley, along Molonglo gorge, up Mt Majura and up Mt Tennent again. There’ll have to be a bit of repetition over the next few months- there just aren’t enough steep hills about! The kids have accompanied us on some occasions – makes it more fun and less like training!

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Mt Tennent viewed from the walk to Rob Roy. A bit of green from the recent rain. 30/5/09 Kangaroos against a greying sky.  30/5/09 Heading up Mt Majura. 14/6/09 Great view from the top! 14/6/09 On the way down we discovered this old track. 14/6/09 The old track, 14/6/09 Molonglo Gorge, 24/5/09 Not much water but still pretty!  24/5/09 Nice folded rocks, Molonglo Gorge,  24/5/09. Going up Mt Tennent. Slightly inclement weather, you'd have to say!  21/6/09 A well-camouflaged local inhabitant,  21/6/09 Magnificent gum tree near where we had lunch. 21/6/09 The rain brings out the colours in the bark so well! 21/6/09 The creek bed on the way down, 21/6/09 Striking red creeper, 21/6/09 Striking red creeper close up, 21/6/09 Raindrops on needles, pretty!  21/6/09

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