Blue Mountains – July 2009

On the first weekend in July we met for a serious training session in the Blue Mountains. Not so serious that we stayed in tents, mind you – it was way too cold for that! But the hikes were serious and gave everyone a chance to test some new piece of gear, be it a new pack (Osprey being the brand of choice, it seems!), new boots, thermals or neckwarmers. It was very cold and windy and we wisely headed to the sheltered side of the mountains, doing the Neates Glen / Grand Canyon walk twice (both mornings) and a hike down from Govett’s Leap towards Junction Rock and back on Saturday afternoon (seriously steep!). The weekend was made even more memorable by the wonderful food, sparkling conversation and supportive companionship.

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Saturday morning bright and early. Blowing a gale at the top of Evan's lookout. Preparing for the Grand Canyon walk. 4/7/09 Banksias, 4/7/09 View to the southeast from Evan's Lookout. 4/7/09 Still cold! Tina descending, 4/7/09 Lovely to see some running water! Ange rock hopping, 4/7/09. Beautiful waterfall down below, 4/7/09. The places some people go to get a photo! Short people didn't have to duck! Glorious wattle blooms. And a splash of red every now and then. Second walk for the day, from Govett's Leap down towards Junction Rock and back up again! 4/7/09 We had to admire the skill of those who built the track. Going down down down...4/7/09 But wait, there's more! Lunch at the base of the waterfall. 4/7/09 Epacris impressa. 4/7/09 Basking in the sun at the sheltered lunch spot, looking up at the falls. Wow. 4/7/09 Waterfall on the way down. Waterfall further down the track, where we turned around. 4/7/09 Going back up. Someone is looking a little weary! 4/7/09 Not everyone enjoyed these stairs! Ferns growing on the cliff face. Cheese and biccies in the loft (whatever has happened to Fred's head?) 4/7/09 while the evening chef on duty toiled away below...4/7/09 A bit of a snooze before dinner. We all went to bed early that night! 4/7/09 Some strange robot aliens came to cook our breakfast! 5/7/09

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