Bushwalks – 2009

2009 is going to be the year of the hike, as we try to get our legs and bodies in a condition to trek in Nepal for 3 weeks. So far we have done some lovely hikes – to Camelback Ridge in Tidbinbilla reserve, up (and down) Mt Taylor (many times already), to Mt Ainslie, up and down Mt Tennent, and to Gibraltar Rocks in Tidbinbilla, with most of our friends from the trekking party.

There’ll be many more of these outings, and lots more photos taken – it’s a good excuse to stop for a breather occasionally, I’ve found!

photo Photos

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Kangaroos on Mt Taylor -17th April, 2009 View from the top of Mt Tennent, 3rd May 2009 Where the track leaves the fire trail, Mt Tennent, 3-5-09. Descending Mt Tennent, 3-5-09. ...descending... 3-5-09 ..still descending ... the summit in the background, 3-5-09. Near the base of Mt Tennent, 3-5-09. And looking back up. 3-5-09 The party at Tidbinbilla, 10th May, 2009 (our destination in the background). Gibraltar Rocks and grass trees, 10-5-09. The Grim sisters (??) going up, 10-5-09. A snack and chat at the top. 10-5-09 Pete on Camelback Ridge, Tidbinbilla, 3rd January, 2009. Prayer flags on Camelback ridge! 3-1-09. The view across the valley, 3-1-09. The descent, 3-1-09. Wahlenbergia gloriosa, the ACT's state flower, 3-1-09. What an amazing leaf! 3-1-09. Regrown vegetation near the carpark, 3-1-09.

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