Snowy Mountains – December 2007

Just after Christmas, those of the family who weren’t gadding about elsewhere went to Jindabyne for a few days, to reacquaint ourselves with the Snowy Mountains in summer. Mum hadn’t been there for a while and we spent three fine days visiting old haunts. On Day One we all went to the top of the chairlift at Thredbo, and Teepar, Stephan and Jess did the walk to the top of Mt Kosciuszko while Kath and Mum admired the flowers and the scenery at our own pace. On Day Two, Mum and Stephan and Jess had a look around new and old Jindabyne (and watched a bit of cricket) while Kath, Pete and Teepar, and a lovely young lady we met on the way, did the walk to Blue Lake and back via Hedley Tarn. On the last day (a pretty hot one!) we all went up to Charlotte Pass, Spencer’s Creek and Sawpit Creek to enjoy the views, the wildflowers and the crystal clear streams before heading back home.

We stayed in a lovely multi-level townhouse on the hill in Jindabyne with great views of the lake. Our spare time was spent preparing food, eating, chatting, watching (what else?) “Jindabyne”, watching cricket, reading, sitting on the balcony, playing Scrabble (a close one!), eating some more and finally sleeping. A very pleasant way to spend a few days!

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View over Lake Jindabyne. Crackenback Range from a distance. Everlasting daisies. Oma sitting by the track. Crackenback River from near the track. Typical heath vegetation. Lots of snow daisies too. View from near the top of the chairlift down the Thredbo Valley. Mum is always happy to be in the mountains. Two of the conquerors of Mt. Kosciuszko after their "climb". Heading down towards Blue Lake. Schoene Blumen! Lovely lunch spot. The weathered face of the Blue Lake cirque. More of the cirque. There were some climbers on the rock face. View to where the creek runs out of the lake. Hmmm.. this probably has a botanical name. Yep, there were a few flies! Heading towards Hedley Tarn. View back towards Blue Lake. Woulld have liked to stay longer. A carpet of flowers. Snowy River crossing. Cool and refreshing! View up the Snowy River towards Kossie. Snow gum near the track. View towards Kossie (Mt. Kosciuszko). Snow gum blossoms. Mum gazing at the river. Kossie in the background. Spencer's Creek- nice to cool your feet, even when you haven't walked far! Clear mountain water. Jess and Oma at Sawpit Creek.

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2 responses to “Snowy Mountains – December 2007”

  1. Mike says:

    Great photos as usual! Love the first one in particular.

  2. Meg says:

    I love the wildflowers… you’ve captured them beautifully.