Tasmania – Nov 2006

To celebrate Kathy’s retirement in November 2006, we decided on a trip to Tasmania. Ange and her friend Carrie joined us (they’d also shared our NZ adventure) and stayed on afterwards, completing the Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair after we left.

We took the Pajero and crossed (smoothly, thankfully) to Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania. First we headed west along the northern coastline, visiting some lovely gardens and enjoying some beautiful coastal scenery. No camping here – it was too cold! After a few days we headed east (via some interesting side roads) to Launceston to pick up Carrie.

Our first overnight hike was at Freycinet National Park on the east coast, an absolutely beautiful walk, along beaches, over mountains and through bush full of wildflowers, with views to the spectacular coastline on much of the return journey.

On through Sorrel (visiting friends at their fabulous B&B), and through Hobart south to Cockle Creek (where some really serious hikes begin and end!). Back north to Port Arthur, where we did our second overnight hike from Fortescue Bay along another stunning coastline of precipitous basalt cliffs (or was it dolerite?).

Through Hobart again, visiting friends Liz and Leigh, then to Mt Field and the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Parks. Beautiful weather and lovely scenery. Then west through Queenstown to Strahan, and north to Cradle Mountain. Here we provided moral (and logistical) support as the girls packed and headed off on the Overland Track. We accompanied them as far as Cradle Mountain on a beautiful sunny day, before parting ways.

Back to Canberra for us, and six days of adventure for the girls through all weathers and with interesting companions. I’ve included a few of their photos but if you want more, you’ll have to ask them! Tassie is a lovely place to travel, so compact and so varied in its landscapes, and with a real sense of history as well. We’ll be back!

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Windy north coast vista. The "Edge of the World", NW coast, on a lovely day. There are some lovely gardens in the northwest. Stanley's "Nut" behind the restored Highfield residence. Cold cold cold at the Devil's Gullet. The Devil's Gullet, south of Mole Creek - aptly named. Roses at the National Rose Garden at Woolmers, near Longford. Kathy's birthday posy, Coles Bay, east coast. Wombat on Day one, Freycinet walk. View north along the beach to the Hazards. Very friendly wallaby at our campsite. Freycinet walk, Day 2. View down to Wineglass Bay - brilliant! Wineglass Bay as viewed on the long descent. Still going down... Wineglass Beach at last - gorgeous! Now for the final climb back up to the car park! View south along the Freycinet coastline. One of the many convict-built bridges down the east coast. And now for some luxury - at Ann and Dennis' beautiful restored  and decorated B&B, "Flimby" near Sorrel. Ann in her lovely garden - we were very impressed. View over Hobart from Mt. Wellington on a beautiful day. Arve Falls, Hartz Mountains National Park. Port Arthur ruins. Walk no. 2 - Fortescue Bay via Cape Huay  towards Cape Pillar and back. Side walk to Cape Huay. View south - beautiful coastline! ...and the cliffs are very sheer and high! After our "warm" showers at Fortescue Bay, fighting off hypothermia around the fire. Russell Falls, Mt. Field National Park, still one of the prettiest waterfalls we've seen. Richea scoparia at Lake Dobson. Walk around Lake Dobson, Mt Field National Park. Pandanus near Lake Dobson. View north to Mt Anne from the southern side of Lake Pedder. Beautiful tanniny water. View south to the Frankland range over Lake Pedder. Nothofagus Cunninghamii, new growth. Ange amid the supplies for the Overland hike. Sand dunes north of Strahan. Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake. Ange and Carrie at the start of the Overland Track - we accompanied them as far as Cradle Mountain. Crater Lake, a lovely spot to drop your pack for a short break! View from Marion's Lookout - what a perfect day! Cradle Mountain looks like a doddle till you get closer! Cracked and jumbled basalt columns - quite a challenge! Pete and Ange made it to the very top. View south, Barn Bluff in the background. The parting of the ways. Ange and Carrie headed south to Waterfall Valley. Kath and Pete descended to Dove Lake via Lake Wilks. View back up to Cradle summit. Ange and Carrie, Day 2, view south. Ange and Carrie, Day 3, bushfire smoke and Mt. Oakleigh. Ange and Carrie, Day 4.  Rain at Pelion Gap. Ange and Carrie, Day 5, after an afternoon and evening of snowfalls. Ange and Carrie, Day 6, view toward Mt Geryon, across the Labyrinth. Ange and Carrie, Day 7, awaiting the boat at Lake St. Clair. Brilliant sunset from our deck at Kambah, after getting home. It just got better and better!

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  1. Michael says:

    Love the snow pic on the Overland! Brrrrr 🙂

  2. Pedantic horticulturist says:

    That should be Nothofagus cunninghamii!!!

  3. Pedantic horticulturist's wife says:

    One little capital letter – now that’s pedantic!

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    And scientific names should be in italics!