Marlo and Cape Conran – April 2011

We joined Mum and Stephan and family for a relaxed week’s camping at Marlo, which is roughly equidistant from Melbourne and Canberra. The weather was, to say the least, changeable (ie often rainy, windy, cloudy, occasionally sunny) but we were able to shelter in Mum’s cabin whenever it got too cold and wet and every evening. Cape Conran Coastal Park is just a few kilometres to the east and it has some wonderful coastal scenery, rough rocky capes, long windswept beaches, dense bushland. We loved the bright orange and yellow lichen-covered rocks, the pounding surf and having whole beaches all to ourselves. Interesting to see where the Snowy River flows into the sea – would not be easy to spot from a few miles offshore. We went for quite a few walks, and a longer drive to Bemm River, Pearl Point and Orbost. And most of us learned to play whist – and even got quite good at it!

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Pete and Steff walking along the lagoon at the end of the Snowy River. Colourful lichen on the rocks. A sleepy seal at West Cape, Cape Conran Coastal Park. Ah, now he's awake! The intrepid photographer returns to safety. It looks so much moodier in black and white! Coastal vegetation. Sitting near the jetty. Kelp and other goodies. View west from near West Cape, Cape Conran. Colourful lichen and eroded granite. Breaking waves at Cowrie Bay. Sunset over the estuary. Sentinel pelican. Walking towards the mouth of the Snowy River. Lots of debris. And back, with the wind behind us (much warmer that way!) Windswept beach near Bemm River. Sunshine! Walk from East Cape Beach to West Cape, Cape Conran. Stormy sky, crashing waves. Beautiful seascape. Looking eastwards. We had to duck under this banksia. Perched on the rocks at West Cape, Cape Conran. There's a storm out to sea. View to the east just before the rain hit us! Amazing blue mushroom in the sodden bushland. Morning reflections on the Snowy River  between Marlo and Orbost.

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