Swampy Plains – March 2010

We joined brother Peter in volunteering to do some work for a couple of days at Dr Forbes’ Hut in the Snowy Mountains.  It was built in the late 1940s as a fishing retreat for a certain Dr Forbes (surprise!), and was almost completely destroyed in the bushfires of 2003. We camped near Keeble’s Hut on Swampy Plain River, at a lovely spot near a deep swimming hole (not a swamp in sight!) It was a short four-wheel drive into the work site. Gary and Geoff, the builders, were working on constructing the new roof and the first day we helped tidy the site and remove fallen timber. We then did some pointing (filling in between the river stones in the walls) and the two Petes started constructing a set of steps up from the river. The weather was glorious – quite hot, really! – and it was just so refreshing to swim in the river and cool down. Nights were cold but clear with a full moon. A lovely break from the everyday world. We look forward to visiting the completed hut soon.

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The Murray River at Tom Groggin, 1/3/2010 View from our campsite near Keeble's hut, up to the Main Range, 1/3/2010. Swampy Plains River beside Dr. Forbes' Hut, 1/3/2010 The two Peters at Dr Forbes' Hut, 1/3/2010 Crossing the Swampy Plains River near our campsite. View up to the Main Range. 1/3/2010 How could you not swim in water this beautiful? 1/3/2010 Towards sunset, clouds looming over the Main Range. 1/3/2010 Time for a fire! 1/3/2010 Sunset from the campsite, 1/3/2010 Dewy spider's web the next morning. 2/3/2010 Big cleanup of the site, 2/3/2010 The boys were charged with the task of building a set of steps to the river, 2/3/2010 Later that day...2/3/2010 Mist on the river, 3/3/2010 Kathy "pointing" between the river rocks in the walls. 3/3/2010 This is as far as the guys got with the steps. Only a couple more to go! 3/3/2010 View towards the Pilot from the Alpine Way on the way home. 3/3/2010

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